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Like it or not, ecommerce is here to stay. There’s no denying that buying online is increasingly becoming the go-to for goods and services, and that’s why it’s important companies large or small embrace the opportunities it provides now. As digital retail transforms the market, one aspect too often neglected in the hunt for new consumers is the physical content behind the products. If you can’t pull in your audience with some original content, your chances of converting clicks to sales are next to nill. That’s why we at Clemmie have drawn together the top five tips to nail your content marketing and invigorate your ecommerce strategy.

Tailor your content to local audiences

It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up business with a staff of five or a 500-strong team with offices around the world, your content has to take into account the different vernaculars of your prospective customers. This is particularly true when you’re providing a service to specific regions. Cutting and pasting direct content or rough translations just won’t cut it when it comes to marketing your brand effectively.

Take a look at the different dialects in each of your target regions and tailor your content to ensure it hits the right keywords. By studying local vernacular and utilising Google Analytics, you can gain a real insight into what people are searching for in different areas and begin to build up an accurate keyword profile for each region. By introducing regionally-specialised content, studies have found you can dramatically drive up your CTR (click-through-rate) and boost your on-site conversion rate.

Content marketing must keep up with the times

When creating your marketing content, it’s important to see it as a static process. Your content won’t stay relevant forever, and businesses that don’t regularly update could end up languishing in the back pages of search results forever. Keep your content marketing content fresh and adapt to changes in the market to maintain a regular flow of new visitors. It’s also important to keep an eye on major events, both on a large and small scale.

Major holidays can either be a major boost to your ecommerce campaign or a dry spell that costs you dearly depending on your marketing content. For an extra boost, use Google Analytics’ Event Tracking app to track your site’s key performance times and build your content around this data. Content built around major local, national and international events can pull in extra visitors when tastefully constructed.

Engage customers around elements important to them

When creating your ecommerce strategy, it’s vital consumers don’t just see you as a distributor; they have to see how your service or product fits with their lifestyle. Engaging with your customers on a real, human level is one of the biggest challenges any company can face, but there are several steps you can take to bring your business down to earth. Google Adwords gives you insights into what a client is searching for, and what they do after they’ve clicked on your ad.

Create customer profiles to understand exactly the kind of visitor you’re looking to pull to your site, then tailor your content around their most likely search words and phrases. In order to engage potential customers, you have to know more than just their browsing habits. What do they like to do offline? Where do they shop, eat and socialise? Only by crafting content to fit your customer’s personal lifestyle can you engage with them on a personal level and show how your business can meet their needs.

Keep it consistent and suitable

What may seem like one of the most obvious tips to your content marketing strategy is also often one of the most overlooked. Maintaining a consistent (and appropriate) tone in your writing style can be more challenging than you think, especially when you have a range of products or services on offer. If your brand image is that of a fun, free-thinking company, keep the text light, avoid jargon and make sure you hit this tone throughout your content.

Visitors to your site will switch off and click elsewhere if your content comes across as too disparate in tone. This doesn’t mean drawing up a template for each section and rigidly adhering to it at all times, but consistency is key to any marketing campaign. That means going through your content with a fine-toothed comb on both your site and across your social media channels.

Encourage participation and interaction

Content marketing isn’t just a one-way street. Making your customers feel valued is one of the best ways to show the human side to your brand. Competitions, surveys and votes to choose new content for the site can make a customer feel more than just a number in the queue and pull in new visitors in the process. When it comes to encouraging interaction with the site, it’s important you maintain a regular and consistent campaign right up until and after the results have been announced.

Offering a prize to one or more lucky contestants can further boost interaction levels whilst increasing customer loyalty to your brand. If you can maintain your competition across numerous social platforms, you can bring new visitors to the site and generate buzz around selected products or services. Choosing the right time-frame and incentive is vital to the success of your campaign. Too short a timeframe and you won’t have time to build a real buzz around your event, but too long and your audience will lose interest. Powerful calls to action really can inspire consumers, so make sure your content is emotive and succinct.

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