MIPIM 2016

Google at MIPIM

Google debut at MIPIM 2016

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Clemmie, the construction app created in partnership with Google Apps for Work, touched down at MIPIM 2016 in Cannes, Southern France, last week. As the largest real estate and construction expo on the planet, MIPIM 2016 brought together the leading players across multiple industries to share the latest innovations, projects and opportunities. As Google’s first real steps into the competitive construction, engineering and architecture industries, the launch of Clemmie attracted a huge amount of interest from across the exhibition. The tech giant’s presence at MIPIM represents a shift in industry priorities, as more firms begin to recognise the various advantages to Google’s technological approach to marketing and communication.

Within just six months of first being established, Clemmie took to MIPIM and kicked up a stir, with guest speakers from the Google team behind Clemmie on hand to explain the innovative technology in more detail. From on-the-spot demos at the Clemmie MIPIM stand to networking lunches at a charming villa just outside Cannes, the Clemmie team worked tirelessly to bring the innovative technology to MIPIM and give the entire industry the opportunity to create client-specific targeted marketing and prioritise opportunities effectively.

As a partnership between Clemmie & Google, Clemmie is an application designed to enable businesses to engage with and acquire new clients through targeted marketing. Built around one of the most innovative developments to come out of the Google Apps for Work team, the app allows firms to discover new projects as well as effectively pursue them beyond the means and scope of the competition.

Google at MIPIM
A member of the Clemmie team gives a demonstration of Clemmie’s real-world applications

Clemmie is already helping major firms pioneer a new level of industry insight and reach more clients than ever before, but MIPIM provided the first major opportunity to showcase the apps marketing potential to a wider audience. The company is also eagerly awaiting the opportunity to spread news of the app eastward with MIPIM Japan in September of this year, along with several other high-profile networking events.

As industries adapt to changing technology and begin to see the real potential of the digital approach, companies both large and small are grasping just how significant the Clemmie app could be to their business’ success. The launch of Clemmie represents a new stage in the relationship between firm and client. Firms now have the opportunity to engage with clients like never before through the latest in Google-pioneered technology. Judging by the response of industry professionals at MIPIM 2016, the industry has been waiting for this opportunity for quite some time.

MIPIM 2016

Clemmie to launch at MIPIM 2016

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Clemmie, in partnership with Google, is proud to announce it will be attending the world’s premier property expo, MIPIM 2016. Hosted by the world’s premier property market, the annual MIPIM exhibition brings together real estate professionals from every sector. The event provides an international platform for industry leaders from across the world to connect and share the latest innovations and discuss the industry’s biggest issues. Clemmie will announce its presence to leading industry figures at MIPIM, offering its brand of intelligent software solutions specifically designed for the construction industry.

Clemmie is an App that helps businesses engage with and understand clients on an intricate level, enabling firms to market their capabilities effectively and efficiently. Clemmie also functions as a customisable package of software solutions and qualified tender opportunities specifically designed to give firms first access to the best projects across the world. Developed in partnership with Google and global construction industry experts, Clemmie provides firms with the latest tools, infrastructure and market know-how to stay at the forefront of the international market.

Over the past 27 years, MIPIM has become the leading worldwide property event gathering, providing unrivalled access to the greatest number of international property leaders, development projects and real estate industry insights. The event’s internationally diverse exhibition floor and comprehensive programme of conferences and events gives a detailed insight into the latest global market trends whilst sharing the latest advances in the industry. The event will play host to the most influential players from every corner of the property market, offering unrivalled access to the greatest number of development projects and an exclusive networking platform.

Clemmie provides firms with the latest tools, infrastructure and market know-how to stay at the forefront of the international construction market.

The event includes a dedicated programme of conferences, case studies, pitching sessions at the Vitra lounge or private talks with famous architects and startups. MIPIM 2016 provides firms with the opportunity to promote projects, network with partners and find new clients, source capital and position their company as a serious contender in the global industry.

Clemmie will be launching an exclusive new product suite for the Construction & Engineering sector, at MIPIM 2016. To see what Google can do for your business, find the Clemmie stall in the MIPIM 2016 event programme and come along to find out more, or better yet, come join the Clemmie team for cocktails at the Clemmie villa!

MIPIM 2016 takes place 15-18 March 2016 in Cannes, France. To attend the Clemmie cocktail soiree, be sure to RSVP here.