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Clemmie begins final phase of product development to empower informed selling

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Clemmie, the personalised marketing and intuitive analytics platform, is taking a brief hiatus to upgrade its features and develop even more effective sales solutions. After a hugely successful Beta testing…

Marketing & advertising October 2016

The month in Marketing & Advertising: October 2016

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This month we take a look at the big stories from the crazy worlds of marketing & advertising. Facebook Conversation Topics wants to tell you what to talk about Ever had…

Psychographics in marketing

Psychographics in marketing: How to gain valuable audience insights

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For the uninitiated, psychographics is the study of the personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of a designated group. Commonly referred to as ‘IAO variables’ (for Interests, Activities and…

Disruption marketing

5 things your startup needs to focus on above disruption marketing

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Of all the industries thriving under the tech revolution, marketing seems to be the most prone to embracing new buzzwords. This wouldn’t be such a problem but marketers seem predisposed…

Marketing & advertising

The month in Marketing & Advertising: September 2016

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Virtual reality takes on new dimension Oh, to work in the world of virtual reality! The medium has been through a lot lately. With a lukewarm reception at the Cannes…

Geo-specific marketing content

The secret to great geo-specific marketing content

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At the risk of stating the obvious, the internet, and by extension, smartphones, have redefined borders in marketing. Businesses can find work from the other side of the globe; brands…

Automation in marketing campaigns

What does automation in content marketing mean for the future of campaigns?

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Technology and automation have irrevocably changed the world of marketing. Social media, data analysis, and the internet have given marketing a new lease on life, but there’s been very little…


How to ensure your content marketing hasn’t lost its impact

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From Benjamin Franklin’s first published annual ‘Poor Richard’s Almanack’ way back in 1732, to the first Michelin guide in 1900 to the modern day company blog, content marketing has fulfilled…

August Marketing & advertising

The month in Marketing & Advertising: August 2016

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This month we take a look at the top stories from the worlds of marketing and advertising, including the Rio Olympics and Snapchat’s new user data sharing policy. Olympics 2016…

Integrate agile marketing into your digital strategy

How to integrate agile marketing into your digital strategy

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These days businesses need to be able to adapt at a moment’s notice. The internet has given us round-the-clock coverage, instant updates and regular access to all the latest news;…

Business intelligence using modern technology

10 ways digital marketing will change in the next 10 years

AI, Marketing, Technology | One Comment

Digital marketing, by its very definition, is constantly developing. As new digital technology becomes available, companies are obligated to evolve with it. Companies unable to adapt will stand little chance of…

August Marketing & Advertising

The month in Marketing & Advertising: July 2016

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This month we take a look at the big stories from the crazy worlds of marketing and advertising. Even the marketing for the Olympics is causing controversy With the controversies…


Does every company need a full-time data scientist?

Analytics, Employment, Feature, Marketing | One Comment

Only a decade ago, if you had told an SME they needed a full-time data scientist to guide their marketing team, you would likely have been laughed out the building….

Digital portfolio microsite for photograpgers

Should you be using a digital microsite for your photography portfolio?

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The world of photography can change in a flash (sorry, that was awful), so it’s vital professionals adapt to new technologies as and when they become available. The growth in…

Marketing & advertising technology

The Month in Marketing & Advertising: June 2016

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This month we take a look at the big stories from the worlds of marketing and advertising, two industries often filled with vacuous, self-serving shameless promotion, but occasionally buoyed by…

Digital portfolio for graphic designers

5 reasons why the digital portfolio is essential for graphic design graduates

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With competition in the art industries growing more intense every day, more graduates are turning to resourceful and original ways to market their skills. With the average employment rate for graphic…

Mobile marketing app

Clemmie app now available on iOS and Android

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Clemmie.xyz is proud to announce the launch of the official Clemmie app. The app is designed to enable everybody, from major corporation leaders to owners of independent startups, to instantly…

Digital marketing for real estate

A guide to digital marketing in the real estate industry

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As competition in the real estate industry increases, figuring out the formula to engaging with customers in a way that’s both time and cost efficient has become a kind of…

Digital portfolio microsite for photograpgers

Why companies need to embrace the future of email marketing now

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Much like the human race, marketing is in a perpetual state of evolution and adaptation. Unlike the human race, marketing is also in a constant game of catch-up to the…


Do I need a digital architecture portfolio?

Architecture, Innovation, Technology | No Comments

Like most design-based industries, architecture relies on nailing that first impression when it comes to finding work. The entire process depends on creating designs capable of capturing both the essence…


The Month in Technology: May 2016

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This month we take a look at the big stories from the world of technology, an exciting, bizarre and often terrifying insight into our future, and the future of our…

Cloud storage for startups

Why working remotely in the Cloud is the best way to grow your startup

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Technology; can’t live with it, can’t live without it, amiright? Our dependence on technology is at peak levels, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, if you’ve recently…

small data chalkboard

The rise of small data in business should not be underestimated

Analytics, Business, Employment, Marketing, Technology | No Comments

The explosion in ecommerce and digital marketing witnessed in the past decade has had some intriguing consequences for the structure of modern businesses. For one, web analytics tools have become…

AI in marketing

What does AI mean for the future of digital marketing?

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If you believe the blogs, magazine features and tabloid news stories, AI is a revelation, and it’s going to change everything. From op-eds predicting an end to humanity at the…

Marketing & technology

The month in Marketing & Technology: April 2016

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This month we take a look at the big stories from the worlds of marketing, technology and marketing technology (a minor distinction, but a distinction all the same). Cold call firms…

Big Data in business

Why are some marketing professionals still ignoring big data?

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We’ve entered a new era in business. Digital marketing and ecommerce are rapidly becoming the new norm, with Digital commerce transactions predicted to climb to US$8 trillion by 2020. As…

Content marketing

5 content marketing tips to boost your ecommerce strategy

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Like it or not, ecommerce is here to stay. There’s no denying that buying online is increasingly becoming the go-to for goods and services, and that’s why it’s important companies…

Land your first post-grad interview

How an InSite will help you land your first post-grad interview

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Finding your first job out of university can be a gruelling experience. Putting together your CV is just the start in a process that can take weeks, months and even…

challenges facing the Global construction industry

5 of the biggest challenges facing the construction industry of tomorrow

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It’s the dawn of a new era in the construction industry. Despite the significant setbacks of the past few years, the industry has reported strong continual growth in almost every…

Artificial intelligence March 2016

The month in AI: March 2016

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This month we take a look at the world of Artificial Intelligence and its growing presence in daily life. Google’s AlphaGo wins big As technology pervades every aspect of our…


5 ways web analytics can improve your business output

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Of all the business innovations spawned by the internet, it’s hard to choose one as the most significant. Everything, from our spending habits to the way we learn about the…

Google at MIPIM

Google debut at MIPIM 2016

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Clemmie, the construction app created in partnership with Google Apps for Work, touched down at MIPIM 2016 in Cannes, Southern France, last week. As the largest real estate and construction…

make your projects more sustainable

4 technologies to help make your construction projects more sustainable

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Despite only gaining prominence in the industry’s collective thought process within the past twenty years, sustainable technology is taking centre stage in modern design and construction processes. In the UK,…

Chromebook for the construction industry

Chromebooks for construction: 11 reasons your firm should try them

Construction, Feature, Google Apps, Technology | No Comments

Like all major international sectors, the construction industry must embrace change to survive. Engaging with new technology is essential to ensure design and construction practices are constantly operating at their…

MIPIM 2016

Clemmie to launch at MIPIM 2016

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Clemmie, in partnership with Google, is proud to announce it will be attending the world’s premier property expo, MIPIM 2016. Hosted by the world’s premier property market, the annual MIPIM…

Sustainability in construction

Modern software and sustainable construction: A new era

Architecture, Construction, Sustainability, Technology | No Comments

The modern construction industry is an ever-evolving world. With each new development, firms must shift to accommodate it or falter and stagnate. These advances both dictate and are dictated by…

The biggest challneges facing the global construction industry

5 technologies changing construction forever

Construction, Feature, Google Apps, Industry, Technology | No Comments

The construction industry is constantly changing. As new technologies replace redundant methods of construction, practices adjust and our perception of the world evolves. The industry’s post-industrial evolution has largely been…

Google Apps for the global construction industry

How Google is revolutionising the global construction industry

Architecture, Construction, Industry, Technology | No Comments

The global construction industry is in a perpetual state of change. As the global market shifts and traditional practices change, firms too slow to adapt will inevitably be left behind….

Cloud collaboration for the construction industry

A new era in design culture: Cloud Collaboration for the Construction Industry

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Every now and again, technology throws up an innovation capable of reinventing whole industries. Each sector benefits from technological change to a different degree, and some have been faster to…

Construction projects in Africa

What’s driving the growth in the construction industry in Africa?

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The global construction market is forecast to grow by over 70% to $15 trillion worldwide by 2025. The industry is set to see a growth of 4.3% pa until 2025,…

Working remotely with Google Apps

Can working remotely with Google Apps save construction?

Construction, Google Apps, Industry, Technology | No Comments

The world is now a global community. Boundaries hold less significance than ever to the modern businessman. As a result, managers are coming to realise the office no longer needs…