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February 2017


Clemmie begins final phase of product development to empower informed selling

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Clemmie, the personalised marketing and intuitive analytics platform, is taking a brief hiatus to upgrade its features and develop even more effective sales solutions. After a hugely successful Beta testing phase, Clemmie is taking some time to compile the feedback from our first six months of pioneering sales enablement into the latest Clemmie application. Sadly, that means our usual services won’t be available until the release of the new platform.

There’s no need to worry, however. Clemmie will return soon with a whole new range of features and functionality to enable total sales enablement and give your content the most adaptable, intuitive platform around. Our new services will make it even easier to store, distribute and track your content. The Clemmie platform is becoming even more versatile and our new features will give you absolute control over the sales process from start to finish. In short, it’s going to be worth the wait!

If you haven’t already signed up to Clemmie, it’s not too late. Just pop your details into the contact page and we’ll keep you informed about all the latest developments, give you front-row access to the launch of the new Clemmie app and let you in on all the latest offers as soon as they’re available. Sign up now, take total control of your content and gain the customer insights that drive real sales.

See you real soon!

The Clemmie team