After a hugely successful Beta testing phase, we’re taking a temporary hiatus to make some upgrades and integrate your feedback into the latest Clemmie product. With even more solutions, the new Clemmie will go even further in empowering sales reps and enabling marketers to distribute quality content through the most effective channels.

Just because we’re away right now doesn’t mean we can’t get back to you. Leave your details below and we’ll send you along all the info to help you hit the ground running when the new Clemmie app is ready to launch, plus get exclusive deals and learn about new features before anyone else!

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Your personal digital marketing assistant

Create a personalised website and monitor your client’s interaction. They see the content relevant to them, you see their engagement.

Get the app

Download the app on Google Play or the App Store. Create an InSite anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Upload your content

Videos, pictures, docs, reports; choose the information relevant to your clients and your strategy in just a few clicks.

Create an Insite

Use your content to create an InSite for your client. Send it on, sit back, and study their engagement levels.

Study the analytics

Gather all the information you need to improve client communication through Clemmie’s clean, quantified data. Discover how long clients spent on site, how many times they shared it, what content stood out and much more through regular Clemmie updates.